2020 ISO/TC 106 Meeting registrations must be made in ISO Meetings. PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO late registrations for these meetings. Registration closes on August 9th, 2020.

Working Group meetings – Self Registration

Participants must self-register for Working Group (WG) meetings. Registration to WG meetings is strictly restricted to the experts and Liaison Representatives having a role in the Working Group in the ISO Global Directory (GD). In ISO Meetings, search for the meeting that you are registering for. The default page of ISO Meetings shows all of your ongoing and upcoming meetings. ONCE REGISTERED YOU WILL RECEIVE CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION.

TC and SC Meetings – Self Registration or by MPA

Participants can self-register for Technical Committee (TC) and Subcommittee (SC) meetings to the meetings of their respective committee in which they have a role in the GD. Any other delegates and/or Liaison representatives must be registered by their respective Meeting Participant Approver (MPA). The MPA is the individual representing an ISO Member or an International Organization (IO)/committee in liaison who can register participants in ISO Meetings.

For additional information, refer to ISO Meetings Support Documentation available here.